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President's Message - President Derr 2020-2021

Dear CAPPO Family,


Considering the current situation and escalation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the need to reduce or eliminate for the time being face-to-face meetings, your CAPPO Board of Directors have been in discussion with regards to options of disbursing and communicating information with the membership during this period. With that said we have suspended the planned March Board/Chapter Chair meeting in Monterey and will be moving towards a virtual meeting at a date to be determined.


I can assure you that the board of directors are doing all they can to ensure the well being of our members and to continue to work in the best interest of the organization.


We are now one month into my year as your President, I’m still as excited and thrilled at having been entrusted by you the Membership with the oversight and management of such an awesome organization, as the day I stood on the stage and gave my acceptance speech. I’m excited about the opportunities in working with all of you as a TEAM of dedicated Procurement Professionals. As CAPPO members you are a “Critical Part” of the TEAM, nothing we do as a board is meaningful without the support and trust of the entire TEAM.


As we begin to prepare for the upcoming events throughout the year, your Board of Directors will be busy working on several key objectives, in order to ensure CAPPO’s place as the premier Procurement Leader. The number one key objective for the board this year is the review and updating of the five-year strategic plan, a plan that addresses our most vital asset as an organization, you the “Membership”. You are the most important element of the TEAM, and our goal as your team leaders, is to keep you engaged and wanting more. As TEAM Leaders, we will continue to strive to ensure that we’re providing the highest level of educational sessions and opportunities, geared towards developing and preparing our talented TEAM of Procurement Professionals, for the next opportunity that comes their way.


One of the biggest challenges we will face in the coming year is the “Change & Rise of Technology” and the impact it has on the procurement profession. The challenge we will face in the coming year is the desire and need of our membership wanting 24/7 access to information and educational opportunities, opportunities that you can access at your convenience. Our goal as TEAM leaders is to ensure that we are preparing the TEAM for success.


One of the areas we continued to struggle with as an organization over the past several years was the distribution method of the “Annual Membership Directory”, and how that document/information was being provided to the membership. The board held numerous discussions over the past year, and the decision was made to move towards an online electronic version of the Annual Membership Directory, which would provide the organization more flexibility to make instant changes to a member’s information. By implementing this change, we can ensure that the information being put forth is relevant and current. This is just one of the many areas of review and improvement that the TEAM will focus on this year.


Let’s go “TEAM” CAPPO, let’s support the TEAM together! Looking forward to this coming year as your newly elected president.


Best regards,

Michael R. Derr, NSCS


Mentoring Program

CAPPO’s dedication in maintaining the highest standards of professional behavior and ethical conduct in public procurement has progressed to include a recently launched Mentoring Program.


As a resource to help members to be successful in their organization and career goals, the program provides remote support, guidance, advice, and collaboration from experienced members in knowledge transfer and the sustainability of the buying profession.


To register for the Mentor Program as a Mentor or Mentee, please email Lisa Nixon, Mentor Program Chairperson at Participation requires CAPPO Membership.  If you are not currently a member you may join by clicking on the "Membership" tab above or by contacting the CAPPO office at 831-464-4896.


Check out our new video highlighting the importance of CAPPO


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