Useful Links

California State

Office of the California Attorney General

Official California Legislative Information online

California Courts homepage including links to decisions

FindLaw California: Internet Legal Resources includes links to both Calif. and Federal codes, cases and decisions

Prevailing wage classification information and consumer price information.

Federal Government

Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Acquisition Regulation's (FAR) Home Page

Office of Management and Budget homepage

Federal Transit Administration

Federal, U.S. Energy Information Administration homepage for information on utility fuels and industry.

Federal, The Economic Statistics Briefing Room links to all of the common and detailed economic indicators.

Producer Price Index homepage

Federal, IRS

GAO Bid Protest Decisions

Code/Regulation References

U.C.C. - ARTICLES 1-9 online

Convention on the International Sale of Goods online

United States Code alternative site

Online access to Canadian purchasing manuals and clause manuals


National Joint Powers Alliance

U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance

Western States Contracting Alliance


Recycled-Content Product Directory: Product search

Recycled Products Purchasing Cooperative homepage. A non-profit group set up to help smaller agencies get competitive prices on purchases of recycled paper

Welcome To Earth's 911, an organization to help with environmental issues

Green Seal - non-profit organization promoting green issues, some product information

Purchasing Organization Sites

California Association of Public Purchasing Officers

Florida Association of Public Purchasing Officers

ISM - Institute for Supply Management

NAEP - National Association of Educational Procurement

NCMA - National Contract Management Association

NASPO - National Association of State Procurement Officials

NIGP - National Institute of Governmental Purchasing
National Procurement Institute

Member Agency Purchasing Sites



Santa Rosa


Contra Costa

Orange County

San Diego


Special Districts

East Bay Municipal Water District


NAICS Association - collection of NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) and SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) products, information, and resources available on the Internet.
Postal Customer Council Homepage
All Area Codes is your resource for looking up information about area codes and phone numbers in the white pages.
United States Zip Codes

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