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The 2015 CAPPO Conference Committee is excited to announce the upcoming CAPPO Conference to be held at the Monterey Marriott January 5 through January 9, 2015.  We recognize the importance of our CAPPO members and wish to provide some information that we hope will help you decide to attend the conference.  

Click here to access the 2015 CAPPO Conference APP. 

Click here to download a list conference attendees.

Registration Cost

Registration Type                          CAPPO MEMBERS  NON-MEMBERS RETIREES 
 Full Conference $199.00 $329.00 $0.00
 Pre-Conference - Seminar Only $75.00 $205.00  
 Daily Attendance $75.00 $205.00  
 AEP Luncheon Only $46.00 $46.00  
 Full Guest Program $199.00 $199.00 $199.00
 One Day Guest Program - Monterey Bay Movie Tour     $80.00 $80.00


 One Day Guest Program - Whale Watching $50.00 $50.0


 One Day Guest Program - Paint & Sip $70.00 $70.00


 Monterey Bay Aquarium Networking Event $125.00  $125.00 


 President's Reception & Banquet $95.00 $95.00


Non-Members registration cost include a one year $130.00 CAPPO Membership Fee
Retiree registration cost does not include Guest Program or President's Reception and Banquet
Full Guest/Spouse Program includes breakfast and President's Reception and Banquet

How to Register

Register online using the following link:  www.regonline.com/CAPPOCONF2015

Staying at the Monterey Marriott

The special Conference hotel rate is $139.00 per night.

If you make reservations by phone (877-901-6632), specify that you are with the CAPPO Conference to get the conference rate.

Make Hotel reservations online using the following link: https://resweb.passkey.com/go/CAPPO2015

15% off of the prevailing rate at the time of the conference.

Staying at the Portola Hotel & Spa

The special Conference hotel rate is $139.00 per night.

Make Hotel reservations online using the following link: https://aws.passkey.com/g/36426121

Golf Tournament

All registrants are invited to participate in the golf tournament which will be Monday morning
1/5/2015. The cost ($80.00) for the golf tournament is not included in the conference registration fee. 
The golf course will be Monterey Pines Golf.

Register for the Golf Tournament using the following form:  Golf Registration Form

Guest/Spouse Program

Click Here to get additional information for the Guest/Spouse Program.

Charity Walk

Click Here to register for the 5K Charity Walk or Run Event. 

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