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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 6-3-16)


 1  How do I log on to the CAPPO website?

Click the Sign In button located at the upper right of the page.  Then, enter your complete Username and Password. Hit the Enter Key.

 2  Which areas of the website require log on access?

CAPPO Financials, Board Minutes, Forums, Job Postings, Community Blogs, Community Photo Gallery, Recorded, Webinars, Chapter Webinars, Newsletter, Conference Archives

 3  How do I update my contact information?

You must first log on to the CAPPO website by entering your complete Username and Password. The Username (email address) must match the information that is in your Member Profile.  Click the the My Profile located next to the Sign In and Sign Out area.  Once you are in your profile screen, click the Professional Information "Edit" bar to view and make changes to your profile information.

 4  How do I reset  or forgot my user password?  

Click on Sign In located at the upper right corner of the page.  Then “Click here to reset your password”. Then you will be prompted to input your Username or Email: and answer the Validation Code: and click the Reset Password button. 

 5  How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to the CAPPOLIST (Forums)?  

You must first log on to CAPPO to gain access to the forums. Click on "Community" Forums.  Then click on CAPPOList from the list of available forums. Select CAPPOLIST from the list of available Forums. Select from the drop down Forum Actions either "Subscribe to Instant Updates or "Subscribe to Digest". Clicking on My Subscriptions & Settings will display a list of Forum subscriptions.  Clicking on the Form Actions drop down will allow you to select either Form Instant Updates or Digest.

Prior to subscribing to a Forum, you will asked to create a Signature.  Signature must include:  First and Last Name, Title, Agency, Email and Phone Number.

In order to receive email notifications for all the "replies" to a topic, you will need to signup for notifications for the topic(s) you want to "monitor".

 6  How do CAPPO members post to the CAPPOLIST?  

You must be subscribed to the CAPPOLIST Forum in order to post and receive posts. The email address must match the address that is in your Member Profile. Post to CAPPOLIST can submit by submitting a response in the Quick Reply box and clicking on Submit Quick Reply. 

Click on Forum Actions and select either Subscribe to Instant Updates or Subscribe to Digest.  Once a subscription preference has been selected, either click on New Topic or select from one the existing topics.

In order to receive email notifications for all the "replies" to a topic, you will need to signup for notifications for the topic(s) you want to "monitor".

 7  What are the guidelines for posting to the CAPPOLIST?  

Please review the Etiquette Reminder post located under the CAPPOLIST Forum.

 8  How do I locate conference photos?  

You must first log on to the CAPPO website to gain access to the Community Photo Gallery area. Click on Community Photo Gallery menu and select the appropriate photo group.

 9  How do I locate information on seminars and training classes?

Click on the Training ribbon. 

10 How can I locate a member?

Click on the Membership ribbon and then Digital Directory.  Digital Directory will open in another window.


Click on the Community Ribbon and select Member Search.  Enter the member's first and last name in the Search field (e.g., johnnie terry) and click the Search button. 

You may also search by Chapter by selecting the Group pull down menu.

11 How do I post a job opportunity?

Click on the Career Center sub-menu located under the Community ribbon.  Click on "Submit an Opening". The following information must be included in each posting in order to be displayed:

  a. Position title (contract and/or procurement related)*
  b. Closing date (Date Needed)*
  c. Post opening date
  d. Organization, Country, and City*
  e. Primary Category*
  f.  Type of position*
  g. Education requirement
  h. Salary*
  i.  How to Apply / Contact information (name, number, email, weblink) - Copy and paste from flyer*
  k. Description & Details - Copy and paste info from flyer*
  l.  Posters full name, email, and phone number*
 m. Validation code*

* Indicates a required field

Please do not copy and paste large blocks of text into the fields.

There is no cost to submit job openings for contract/procurement related openings. 
Job postings are validated and available on the website within 32 - 48 hours.
Changes to job posting take effect within 32 - 48 hours.

12 Where is "My Preferences" located under "My Profile"? I would like to stop receiving emails when someone changes their profile.


First, click on the CAPPO Logo and then select Manage Profile located under "My Profile".

Finally, select Preferences.


Select Messages to read messages sent directly to your inbox.


13 My inbox is getting cluttered with CAPPOLIST posts.  How do I create a Rule in Microsoft Outlook to forward form posts to a separate folder for later reviewing?


Create a Rule by selecting "from people or public group" from the Rules Wizard.  Next Apply this rule after the message arrives from, move it to the "select folder" (CAPPOList).  Finally, click the Finish button.


14 How do I opt-out from receiving emails?


To opt-out a member from receiving community related e-mail, access the Email Communications Preferences page for the member by performing a search for the member via QuickSearch or Directory Search. On the Community Search Results page, select the hyper-linked member's name and select View Profile. Select the tab Additional Info>Select Manage Email Preferences from the Email Categories section. Once the page is displayed, deselect the email category in which to unsubscribe the member.


15 How do I obtain a copy of a seminar/webinar attendance?


Once the certificate is issued, your will receive an email from the system stating you have earned CEH credits.  To view your certificate, go to (if not already logged in, you will need to login to site).  Any certificates issued to you will be listed and you will be able to print and/or email the certificate(s).


In addition to system generated certificates, you are also able to upload an existing certificates you already have in your files (as long as you have an electronic copy).  For those of you who need to track CEH for certification, this is a great tool. 


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